Brain Food Brain Food for Thought

Brain Food for Thought

First Course:
This is more difficult than I imagined. I love to write and I love to philosophize. (It may be known by a slang term but I do like to talk about reasons, ‘what if’ scenarios, and cause and effect.) But thinking about writing my thoughts and having you read them is daunting. In these mini blogs, I’m going to be focusing on many aspects of prayer; mostly, why and what. Here goes:

Why do you pray?
No, really, why?
What do you get out of it?


Eastern culture focuses on meditative prayer and focusing inward. Western culture is more about finding God outside of ourselves: asking for things. Do you relate to either one?

Did you learn to pray in Sunday School? Confirmation Class?
How many times a year do you recite the Lord’s Prayer? 52? 365?
Do you pray at meal times? In your car while driving? In bed?


When you pray, are your expectations met?
Is there more? Or do your prayers bounce back off the ceiling?

In C.S. Lewis “The Last Battle” the children are transported to Narnia after a train accident. Their cry “further up and further in” is inspirational to me. In my prayer life, I want to be ‘further up and further in.’ I want to experience everything there is in talking to an all powerful God!

I titled my thoughts ‘Brain Food’ because I hope to foster thinking and maybe discussion. Prayer is a profound communication with an all powerful God. It is my hope that we explore the profundity.

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