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A Little About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Garrett Hazen! I am a musician and worship leader who lives in La Mirada with my wife Kali, my son Holden and our dog Harlow. I grew up in Placentia in a christian home with my parents Karen and Craig, my two older sisters Maggie and Danika and my twin brother Kent. 

Oddly enough, my brother and I began a career in the entertainment industry at the age of 1 playing the character Andy Harris on the hit show Roseanne. When we were younger we liked to think this made us a really talented, but now as a dad myself I can see that my parents were probably doing the heavy lifting of that job… 

Anyway, after that short lived experience, I went to public school eventually graduating from El Dorado High school and then went on to get a music degree from Biola University, where I met my wife Kali on a blind date. After school we got married and I began to music direct, perform and produce in both sacred and secular spaces and have been doing that ever since.

Having grown up in a Christian home I began my relationship with Jesus Christ at a very early age, and slowly but surely the reality of his great love for me has made itself more apparent in my life day by day. As I’m sure many of you will see I am in no way perfect and by absolutely no means have much of anything figured out, but I think I can confidently say that I am being shaped and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit who is teaching me how to love people like Jesus does.

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