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Mission Lutheran Church
of Laguna Niguel

24360 Yosemite Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
(949) 831-8820

Directions From the South

1. Take the 5 North to Laguna Niguel
2. Exit Crown Valley Pkwy
3. Turn Left onto Crown Valley Pkwy
4. Turn Right at La Paz Road (about 1 mile)
5. Turn Right on Yosemite Road
6. Turn Right into Mission Lutheran Church

Directions From the North

1. Take the 5 South to Laguna Niguel
2. Exit La Paz Road
3. Turn Left on Yosemite Road (about 5 miles)
4. Turn Right into Mission Lutheran Church

Mission Lutheran Church
of Laguna Niguel

“Changing Lives Through Jesus Christ”

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Contact Us-General Questions
Pastor Bill Snyder-Sr. Pastor
Deb McGowan-Dir. of Music Ministry
Kelly Jennings-Community Life Dir.
Kimber Smith-Care Ministry

                            Alyssa Harper-Dir. of Communications & Design

Murphy Callender– Youth & Children Coordinator

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