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Need a Listening Ear?Stephen Ministry

Summer is over and the holidays are rapidly approaching. The hours of daylight are already getting shorter. For some people this brings new stresses or revives old wounds. Having a caring person who listens and prays with you can help you get through the tough times.

Stephen Ministers are trained to listen, pray, and keep confidentiality. Stephen Ministry is not counseling. Rather a Stephen Minister is someone who cares, listens, sometimes asks questions as you make decisions, and prays with and for you.

If you feel you want a Stephen Minister call the church office. A Stephen Minister will meet with you and assign a Stephen Minister to you. You and the Stephen Minister will meet one-on-one for about an hour each week, until you no longer need a Stephen Minister. Sometimes this is only for a few weeks. Other times it might be for a year or more.

Stephen Ministry is a confidential, nondenominational one to one listening ministry.  It provides a Christian friend for those experiencing times of transition or crisis.  The Stephen Minister typically meets with their care-receiver on a weekly basis to talk about their concerns or struggles, and to offer spiritual and emotional support.

If you are interested in meeting someone from this ministry, please contact Shirley Datte to discuss whether meeting with  Stephen Ministry is right for you.
contact church office at [email protected]

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Recently, Pastor Bill shared with our congregation that what he feels sets us apart, what makes us unique, is that we are a congregation that CARES! We care for each other. We care for those around the world. We care about God. We put that care into action. Stephen Ministry is one of the ways that Missions puts that care into action. We share the love that God has given to us with those who are hurting, with those who are lost and broken, with those need to know that God loves and cares about them. This ministry makes a difference…in the lives of those who receive care, and in the lives of those who give it.If you have thought about how you might share and show the love of God with others, please consider being trained as a Stephen Minister. Here is what one Stephen Minister had to say about Stephen Ministry: “I was kind of sitting on the sidelines in our congregation. Oh, I came to church every Sunday, but the rest of the week I was focused on myself. Then Stephen Ministry came along. When I said yes to God’s call to me for that min-istry, I saw a lot of changes in my life. Now I’m committed to caring more about others than I do about myself. And you know what? I’m walking a lot closer with my God.”A new training class is starting soon. Is this a ministry for you? Talk with a Stephen Minister or a Stephen Leader (Dave and Judy Velasquez, Grant Livingstone, Shirley Datte), or contact the church office, 831-8820.