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Our nursery is a place where young children age birth through 4 years old begin to understand God, themselves, and the world around them. It is located upstairs and is available at our 9am worship service, as well as during many of our church events. Our trained staff and volunteers are caring and eager to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

For your convenience, a Resource Room is also available and is located in church next to the lobby. This is a place where you can participate in the church service as your young one plays along side you. Complimentary diapers and supplies are located in the women’s restroom.


Sunday School has a new name and time. Our new name is Kingdom Youth Crew. KYC for short. Kingdom Youth Crew meets at 9:05. This gives parents more time before the worship service begins at 9am. Kingdom Youth Crew meets on the second floor of the administration building.

Kingdom Youth Crew is for ages 4 – grade five. We welcome students sixth grade and up as volunteers. Nursery care continues as usual for children younger than four.

Children are an important part of our church community and it is our prayer that the home and the church work as a partnership to create an environment for kids to live in so their faith grows and becomes lifelong.