Changing Lives Through Jesus Christ

Mission-GoMission: GO!

Our Mission Statement . . .
“Changing Lives Through Jesus Christ!” This simple, yet powerful statement remains the guidepost for all we do at Mission Lutheran Church.
Building on Our Tremendous Success . . .
We heard you! Beginning in August 2014, Project Next was formed from members of the congregation to consider how best to build on the tremendous success of Mission Within Reach and leverage those successes for the benefit of our church, community, and world. It was evident to the congregation, church council, and church staff that through the support and love displayed over the past few years that our culture has changed – we are a church on a mission!

Here’s The Big Idea . . .
Embark on a three-year program that engages our congregation and our community to GO! Into the world to positively impact people through events, activities, ministries and fundraising – leading to lives changed through Jesus Christ!

One Mission – Three Areas of Emphasis . . .
· Church and Congregation
· Support the congregation’s efforts for community and worldwide missions
· Improve Communications – Form Communications Ministry
· Continue All We Are Doing . . . then do MORE!
· Equip People to do Missions / Leadership Training
· Community
· Engage Our Local Community Through Personal and Passion Driven Efforts
· Open and Fluid Process – Expands and Contracts With the Interests of the Congregation
· World
· Focus on Global Mission such as Free Wheelchair Mission, CURE, Plant with a Purpose, Acres of Love, International Justice Mission

How Will We Select the Charities and Events . . .
Congregation to develop a process to assist in identifying and selecting charities, projects, and events.
Examples of Possible Criteria: Personal, Faith Based, Relational, Long Term relationships
Target: Events (4 per year?) such as Dash for Hope, Charity Golf Tournament, Casablanca Night, etc.
Maybe there is congregational passion for new or different events? LOOKING FOR CHAMPIONS!

Where Does the Money Come From and Where Does It Go . . .
Funding is done through special events, third party solicitation, and congregational support.
· 40% – World Charities
· 40% – Community Charities
· 20% – Church

Goal: $250,000 per year / operated as a separate budget much like we did in Mission within Reach

Learn more about Mission: GO! –>

Mission: Go! Advisory Board

Dave Schmitt – Chairman
Susan Walker
Nancy Hipolite
Current Council President
Current Council Vice President

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